WeChat Features and Facilities for Chatting

Features of the application WeChat is really amazing! This app makes you to more easily to communicate be it via SMS, video, send pictures, etc. why was amazing? because so much chat application Wechat features that did not exist in the previous chat application. Application chat/messages Wechat not only be used by the Android-based Smartphone but also Smartphone-based iOS, Windows Phone, and Symbian even.

Application WeChat has features a little different to its predecessors such as chat applications WhatsApp, Line, yahoo messenger, etc. which is why application Wechat bit different and probably better than any other chat applications. What are some features that distinguish application Wechat with other chat application? Let’s discuss the features of WeChat applications.

A moment, Add Contact, Look Around, Broadcast Message, Shake, Drift Bottle, Group, Video Call Emotional, Fitur Facebook.

Main Features of WeChat App

Features of WechatMany also feature, perhaps for the first time user application WeChat little wonder how to use it. Let’s understand together one by one complete with pictures.

Add Contact

Add Contact you can use in several ways. It could add to WeChat ID / Phone, and the Official Account, Scan QR Codes, No mobile phones in the phonebook. Please choose according to your taste.


Moment Serves to post pictures, provide value and comment on posts, the same function as Instagram. And, before your photo in the post, you can edit your photos to your post with the existing features at the moment like wheat, Polaroid, lake, glossy, twilight, wheat and others.

Look Around

Look Around for this feature you can find your friends on WeChat application that exist around you. But before you must set first. Then your friend will be on the list complete with photos and the distance. The distance can be found around a radius of 8 km from our current position. This is what will differentiate WeChat chatting application with other chat application.

Broadcast Message

Broadcast Message this feature is almost the same function as blackberry Messages (BBM). We can send a simultaneous message to our friends in the way broadcasts Messages plug-ins. Then stay you select which friends we will broadcast. Live we send the message it will be sent all these friends that we broadcast.


Shake is the unique feature that exists in WeChat application, how to use it just by shaking your smartphone. Shaking his way there were several ways you can with Remote Shake, Shake Together or Together Bump.

Drift Bottle

Drift Bottle features of this one more unique are by writing a message by clicking the icon. Throw then inserted into the bottle and the bottle we throw into the ocean. And, friend chats WeChat anyone who found the bottle and the reply will be our friend, unique this features.

Features Facebook

Features Facebook is the feature where you can communicate with your Facebook friends in WeChat. His way by adding them to menu box in WeChat. So you can continue to chat with your Facebook friends without you having to access facebook.

Video Call

Video Call feature that is quite important also for you. In which is useful for determines what your friends or your family when you come face to face chat with direct manner.


Wechat is providing a very emotional so funny when you are not too bored with writing text chat only. Features of the application Wechat a very unique so that when you chat you are not too tired because of many features that have been given WeChat, which distinguishes WeChat application with other applications.

WeChat chat application

WeChat chat application is an application for communication or chat with capabilities and features a very complete compared to other chat apps such as Pro Slices, Chatfiz and WhatsApp. The function of This app to support the delivery of the message, a text message here is not just a voice but text only, videos and photos, in addition to that we also used to do group chats. WeChat also can bring together you to new friends around you, this application can be called best apps.

WeChat chat applications comes from Chinese country is often called bamboo curtain country. Were created by Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company. WeChat is one of the Cross-based apps platforms that strongly supports the smartphone operating systems iOS, Android, Blackberry., Symbian and Windows Phone.

What are the axcess WeChat android apps compared with the other chat apps, this application is actually the same function as the other chat apps such as text, images, sound, and video, but here are some a very interesting feature are equipped with plug-ins, also provides service WeChat video calls with HD (High Definition), which can be used for free, so that with this service the user can easily make video calls for free to other users simply by paying service data/internet. other excellence in this application does not serve ads or ads so that users not bothered with the usual ads strewn in cyberspace.

Features present in apps WeChat  :

  • Moment
  • Add Contact
  • Look Around
  • Broadcast Message
  • Shake
  • Drift Bottle
  • Group
  • Video Call
  • Emotional

these features that will distinguish WeChat chat application with other chat applications, even with the advantages These features include WeChat applications are able penetrate the number 300 million users across the world applications according to their official website.

We talk about the features and how to use the WeChat chat application I will discuss tips and apps news.untuk you who do not already have this application you used to download the official WeChat our site for free.

As a result, install WeChat and start running chats with friends and family. Every feature is very good for online social media management. Wish you good luck from Must-Have-Apps.org

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